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NADCAP Accredited for Fusion and Laser Welding

August 25th, 2017

For 25 Years we have excelled in precision welding. This year we have stepped up, by being acknowledged, for our welding capabilities—at the highest level.

Superior Joining Technologies is proud to announce that we are NADCAP Accredited for both Fusion and Laser Welding.

This new certification is in addition to our current NADCAP registration for special processes; Non-Destructive Testing, Magnetic Particle & Fluorescent Dye Penetrant. 

SJTI is 1 of 16 NADCAP Accredited Welding Facilities in Illinois, and 1 of 441 across the United States.


Rock River Off-Season Competition - Rock River Times

July 13, 2017

Rock River Off-Season Competition - The Rock River Times

Superior Joining Technologies, Inc. will be providing the trophies for the Rock River Off-Season Competition (R2OC), featuring 36 teams from the Midwest, to be held July 29, 2017. Photo and article from The Rock River Times, 7/13/2017.


Rockford's Future Tied To Manufacturing - Northwest Quarterly

June 19, 2017

Rockford Manufacturing Roundtable

Teresa Beach-Shelow, President of Superior Joining Technologies, Inc. (Machesney Park, IL), was one of six representatives of Rockford area manufacturing discussing Rockford's future and the impact that the manufacturing sector will have.


Safety Award of Honor

April 25, 2017

2017 FMA Safety Award

Superior Joining Technologies, Inc. of Machesney Park, Ill., was recently chosen to receive a 2017 Safety Award of Honor from the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International (FMA). Open to all FMA and Tube & Pipe International (TPA) company members, the FMA/CNA Annual Safety Awards recognize metal fabrication companies that adhere to excellence in safety.

Sponsored by CNA, the endorsed business insurance carrier for FMA, the Awards are designed to promote safety in the industry; and winners are selected by the FMA Safety Council. The Safety Award of Honor is given to companies having perfect safety records of no recordable injuries or illnesses for the reporting period. 


Celebrating 25 Years

March 31, 2017

25 Years Celebrating with you banner

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