Diversity Statement

Learning and Career Opportunities at Superior Joining Technologies

Superior Joining Technologies, Inc., believes striving for and honoring diversity and inclusion results in the highest quality products and services for our customers.  We do this by fostering belonging and accountability at the workplace.  We listen and engage with our diverse employees, vendors, and customers.  We value teamwork and strive for everyone to be included in brainstorming and decision-making. We are very proud to be a minority-owned business and recognize that different experiences and perspectives help us better solve complex problems for our customers.

Our employees’ strengths and abilities are integral to our success and our customer's success.  Whether our employees are new to the aerospace manufacturing industry or have 20 years of experience, we value their knowledge, skills, and abilities, and we take pride in our training and development programs for all our employees.  Whether it’s a student learning an aspect of our business, a woman behind the welding helmet, or an individual with a disability working to the best of his abilities – we value each person for who they are and what they bring each and every day.

We firmly believe that the diversity of thought, approach, experience, ability, trainability, willingness to play, and experiment are foundations of our success. This success is brought to us by each person who has played a role in our success. It has brought us the opportunity, and for that, we must perform. Contact us for more information.