Laser Powder Deposition Services

Laser powder deposition (LPD) uses a focused laser to fuse metal or ceramic powder to an existing metal substrate. 

Using laser metal deposition technology, we are the first in the North Central Illinois region to offer the ability to create and/or modify the hardware. The laser metal deposition (LMD) process allows us to join materials that could not otherwise be welded. 

This has a significant advantage in the world of aerospace engineering, as materials are often varied and challenging to work within traditional manufacturing processes. 

The ability to weld a range of plastics is also an advantage to having this system - with the fiber laser power source - which will provide a more economical method of producing complex assemblies for molded products.

Our LPD machine also doubles as a precision welding tool, giving us versatility as your manufacturing service provider. Contact the team at Superior Joining Technologies for more information regarding our laser powder welding services. 

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