Inconel Welding Services


Inconel is a high-strength and corrosion-resistant nickel alloy making it ideal for aerospace, defense, and nuclear applications. Superior Joining Technologies, Inc. has years of experience in Inconel welding services and Inconel NDT inspection services.

Inconel is a superalloy composed primarily of nickel and chromium, along with smaller percentages of iron, molybdenum, niobium, and other materials. When Inconel is heated, it protects its surface by forming a stable, passivating oxide layer. This protective layer allows Inconel to be used in high-temperature applications where resistance to extreme environments is necessary. Trust Superior Joining Technologies, Inc. with your Inconel machined and welded parts. We have the experience, expertise, and equipment needed to build Inconel components that exceed your quality standards.

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Properties & Benefits of Inconel

  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Non-magnetic
  • Excellent weldability
  • Good heat resistance
  • High material strength
  • Maintains aesthetic appearance over years of hard work
  • High resistance to oxidation at elevated temperatures
  • Almost completely free from chloride-induced stress corrosion cracking
  • Excellent mechanical properties despite a large range in temperatures
  • Outstanding resistance to pitting, crevice corrosion, and intercrystalline corrosion
  • Good resistance to acids including sulfuric, phosphoric, nitric, and hydrochloric

Inconel GTAW Welding Services

GTAW Welded Inconel Parts

Inconel Is a popular choice for many metal products and components such as:

  • Jet engines
  • Rocket motors
  • Spacecraft
  • Space shuttles
  • Nuclear reactors
  • Pumps and turbopumps
  • Tooling
  • Gas turbine blades
  • Seals
  • Combustors
  • Turbocharger motors and seals
  • Electric submersible well pump motor shafts
  • High-temperature fasteners
  • Chemical processing and pressure vessels
  • Heat exchanger tubing
  • Steam generators
  • Core components in nuclear-pressurized water reactors
  • Pollution control equipment
  • Flare stacks on offshore oil platforms
  • Gas turbines
  • Rocket motors/engines

Inconel Grades

Superior Joining Technologies, Inc. works with a variety of Inconel grades. Inconel 625 and 718 are highly recommended.

  • Inconel 625
    • High strength
    • Excellent thermal stability
    • Immune to chloride-induced stress corrosion cracking
    • Great corrosion resistance
    • Good resistance to pitting, fatigue stress, and crevice corrosion
    • High creep-rupture strength
    • High oxalic resistance
  • Inconel 718
    • High strength
    • Good corrosion resistance
    • Similar mechanical properties as Inconel 625
    • Capable of age hardening
    • Precipitation-hardened for maximum strength
    • High creep-stress rupture strength
    • Exceptional weldability
    • Highly resistant to post-weld cracking

Industry Applications

Inconel’s high strength and corrosion resistance make it ideal for use in industries with exposure to extreme environments. These include:

  • Natural gas processing
  • Petrochemical processing
  • Aerospace
  • Aeronautics
  • Oil/natural gas
  • Chemical processing
  • Defense
  • Nuclear

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Services

To ensure products don’t fail due to undetected flaws in base materials, Superior Joining Technologies, Inc. provides Inconel NDT inspection services. We are a Nadcap accredited leading provider of surface flaw detection assessments and specialize in proving parts for critical functions are fit for purpose.

Superior Joining Technologies offers the following non-destructive testing services:

  • Visual inspection 
  • Liquid penetration inspection 
  • Magnetic particle inspection 

Rely on Superior Joining Technologies

Inconel creates strong welds which are highly resistant to decay. At Superior Joining, we use TIG  welding and laser welding to provide quality parts for our customers. Our Inconel welding services use weld procedures that deliver the correct mix of heat input and speed. Experienced and highly-trained welders ensure each weld is lasting and strong.

Superior Joining Technologies, Inc. is a Woman-Owned Small Business that is ITAR Registered, an FAA Repair Station, (FFL) Federal Firearms Licensed Facility, Accredited by Nadcap, AS9100 and ISO9001. We are a GTAW welding service provider with processes that are approved by Boeing, GE, Unison, Collins Aerospace, and Safran.

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