Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) Services

TS2_8544-SJTi-EditMagnetic Testing (MT), or Magnetic Particle Inspection/Wet-Bench Method, is a non-destructive method for detecting defects in ferrous metals. A magnetic field created with AC or DC current is applied through the material, revealing flux leakage at surface or near-surface flaw.

Our magnetic particle inspection (MPI) services involve fine magnetic iron oxide particles, coated with a fluorescent dye and held in a suspension liquid, are attracted to the magnetic (flux) field in the area of the defect and to reveal it as a build-up of particles. The photograph at left shows an airplane crank-shaft being viewed with ultraviolet light (blacklight) as part of the magnetic testing process. The zoomed-view shows the presence of fatigue cracks on the plate around the crank shaft.

SJTI has the capability to test parts up to:

  • 6 inches in diameter
  • 90 inches in length
  • two tons in weight

Download PDF Info sheet on Magnetic Particle Inspection.

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