Laser Beam Welding (LBW) with Powder Deposition

AlphaLaserCampaign-MachineLaser Beam Welding (LBW) with powder directs a laser beam through a processing head with focusing optics. The processing head delivers a powdered metal alloy substance in a conical shape directly into the beam path. The powder then liquefies at the precise location of the laser beam and generates a small pool of molten base, or filler material, with minimal heat input. This advantage limits distortion of the substrate and reduces additional corrective machining on thinner materials and smaller assemblies. 

The 900-watt fiber laser power source fills the gap between our micro laser welding systems (5 - 140 watts) and our large format CO2 laser (500 - 5,000 watts).

Our large format CO2 laser (500 - 5,000 watts) provides deep penetration welds and the joining of different materials, but the lack of heat input control can produce inconsistent parts. Our smaller microlasers produce a minimal heat input that narrows the heat-affected zone (HAZ) necessary for thinner materials and smaller assemblies, but they fail to achieve the depth of penetration that some of our customers require. The laser powder welder fills that void by combining the high-powered laser of the large format CO2 laser with the controlled heat input of the micro laser welding system to provide. 

Our ability to introduce filler material into varying geometries and fit characteristics allows our customers to produce tight tolerance components required for laser welding and compensation for poor-fit assembly details. Contact the team at Superior Joining Technologies, Inc. for more information regarding our powder deposition welding services. 

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