Metal Fabrication Materials

Superior Joining Technologies, Inc. has the inventory and supply chain to meet your requirements and specific applications. Our CNC machining and welding solutions are capable of producing high-quality parts from a range of materials. Our inventory meets the highest quality standards for CNC machining materials and precision welding materials. Superior Joining can fabricate finished parts from just about any material. Below is listed some of the more popular materials.

          aluminum                      stainless-steel                       carbon-steel

                               Aluminum                                                                Stainless Steel                                                             Carbon Steel

          titanium-rods                      Nylon

                                Titanium                                                                           Nylon           

Aluminum - Aluminum is known for its high machinability, good strength-to-weight ratio, and natural corrosion resistance. Additionally, aluminum is affordable and ductile.

Carbon Steel - Carbon steel is an iron-carbon alloy with a carbon content ranging from .0218 to 2.11 percent. It is less ductile, but stronger than mild steel.

Stainless Steel - Stainless steel contains a minimum of 10 percent chromium giving it a pristine surface finish and exceptional corrosion resistance. It is a great material for applications where your part may be exposed to different liquids or chemicals.

Titanium - Titanium is comparable to steel in strength, but much less dense. It offers great resistance to high and low temperatures, is ductile, and comes at a lower price point than metals like Inconel and Monel.

Inconel - Inconel is a group of 20 metal alloys that are extremely resistant to oxidation and high temperatures. Inconel is often used in the chemical industry.

Monel - Monel is a nickel-copper alloy with excellent strength and corrosion resistance to seawater, hydrofluoric acid, sulfuric acid, and alkalies. Monel is used in the marine and chemical industries.

Nylon - Nylon is an engineering thermoplastic with excellent mechanical properties and high chemical and abrasion resistance. Nylon is often used as a substitute for low-strength metals.

We also have the capability to work with other metal fabrication materials including tool steel, castings, tungsten, and plastic. 

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