CMM Inspection Services

Superior Joining Technologies, Inc. offers quality control for your machined parts with our CMM inspection and measuring services. Ensure your precision machined parts receive the right inspections and measuring with our Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) services from Superior Joining Technologies. The Hexagon Absolute Arm 8530 7-Axis Coordinate Measuring Machine is an all-in-one solution for portable measurement that performs tactile probing and 3D laser scanning for quality control. At Superior Joining Technologies, Inc. our focus is to cut down costs, improve quality, and increase efficiencies for our customers.


The features and benefits of Hexagon Absolute Arm 8530 7-Axis CMM: 

  • Saves costs and time for your business
  • Ensures accurate testing for your precision machined parts
  • Productivity improvements through increased usability and versatility
  • Maintains thermal stability under harsh environmental conditions
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Hexagon Absolute Arm 8530 7-Axis CMM

We are proud to add Hexagon Absolute Arm 8530 7-Axis CMM equipment to our long line of machining equipment. The Hexagon Absolute Arm 8530 7-Axis Coordinate Measuring Machine with touch probe and Blue Light Laser Scanning has the capacity of inspecting precision machined parts: 

  • Flexibility to be used nearly anywhere on a manufacturing floor
  • From in-process checks and large-scale assembly to inside machine and reserve engineering applications
  • Delivering real-time dimensional feedback right at the point of production

Industries Served

Manufacturing fuels the global economy by creating the items people depend on every day and driving technological advancement. As an Illinois-based company, we specialize in the safety of precision machined parts for an array of industries.

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