Circumferential Seam Welding

Circumferential Seam WeldingCircumferential Seam Welding, also known as Resistance Seam Welding, is a process that joins two or more members of an assembly in a lap joint configuration by producing a series of overlapping resistance spots. It can be used in a circumferential, cylindrical application as well as flat assemblies. It has proven to be a valuable companion service to the rolling department at SJTI. Our system is most suited to use on stainless steel assemblies. Our process performs welding in compliance with AWS D17.2.

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Sheet Rolling

Sheet RollingSheet rolling is a value-added service we offer in conjunction with our Longitudinal Steam GTAW and Circumferential Seam Welding services to fabricate custom pressure vessels as used in aerospace applications. We can handle materials from 0.010" thick stock 60" wide, for diameters from 2.00" to 48."

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