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25 Local People Who Inspire

Superior Joining Technologies' Teresa Beach-Shelow was one of 25 local individuals recognized in the 3/27/2017 issue of Northwest Quarterly.

Teresa Beach Shelow
Left to Right: Rylie Berg, Andi Berg, Sarah Koons, Teresa Beach-Shelow, Krista Beach, Nikki Berg, Chris Magee. Photo by Samantha Ryan from Northwest Quarterly "25 Local People Who Inspire."

Read the entire article "25 Local People Who Inspire."

FMA Annual Meeting

The FABRICATOR®’s Leadership Summit brings together owners, executive team members, and budding leaders of job shops and contract manufacturing companies to discuss business management concerns and the latest technical advancements.

Next Year 2018 Event

Mark your calendar for 2018!
March 7-9
Talking Stick Resort | Scottsdale, Ariz.

FMA Annual Meeting


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