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AlphaLaserCampaign MachineLaser Powder Welding

Laser powder welding directs a laser beam through a processing head with focusing optics. The processing head delivers a powdered metal alloy substance in a conical shape directly into the beam path. The powder then liquifies at the precise location of the laser beam and generates a small pool of molten base, or filler, material with minimal heat input. This advantage limits distortion of the substrate and reduces additional corrective machining on thinner materials and smaller assemblies. 

The 900 watt fiber laser power source fills the gap between our micro laser welding systems (5 - 140 watts) and our large format CO2 laser (500 - 5,000 watts).

Our large format CO2 laser (500 - 5,000 watts) provides deep penetration welds and the joining of different materials, but the lack of heat input control can produce inconsistent parts. Our smaller micro lasers produce a minimal heat input that narrows the heat affected zone (HAZ) necessary for thinner materials and smaller assemblies, but they fail to achieve the depth of penetration that some of our customers require.

The laser powder welder fills that void by combining the high-powered laser of the large format CO2 laser with the controlled heat input of the micro laser welding system to provide. 

Our ability to introduce filler material into varying geometries and fit characteristics allows our customers to produce tight tolerance components required for laser welding and compensation for poor-fit assembly details.

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Laser Welding Laser Welding

Nadcap Registered Laser Welding, also known as Laser Beam Welding or LBW, employs a precisely focused beam of light to fuse metals together. A wide variety of materials including copper, steel, stainless steel, brass, silver, gold and platinum can be joined by the energy produced by the Laser process. Among the most notable advantages of Laser joining are the low input of heat and the ability to join intricate and even microscopic assemblies. The highly experienced staff of Superior Joining Technologies, Inc. continually leverages their expertise of precision welding to deliver the best possible solution to each customers unique design specifications.

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Multi-Axis Laser Cutting & Welding

5-axis Trumpf Laser

Multi-Axis Laser Cutting and Welding Center

Superior Joining Technologies, Inc. provides multi-axis precision laser cutting, drilling and welding to meet the tight tolerances required by the aerospace and other industries. We also work with three dimensional parts that require drilling & cutting on difficultly curved surfaces or at extreme angles for fabricators, metal spinners and hydroformers.

Superior Joining Technologies, Inc. utilizes the 5000 watt TRULASER CELL 7040 from Trumpf. With a working range of 13 feet X, 5 feet Y, and 30” in the Z axis, and maximum simultaneous axis speeds of 98 inches per second, it is the most advanced system of its kind in the Midwest.

With the ability to construct a cutting and welding program from a CAD model, the prep time is greatly reduced.

The use of its integrated rotary axis makes processing of tubular components highly efficient.

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TruLaser 7040 Machine Specs

Trumpf TruLaser Cell 7040 5000W 5-axis 3D laser Welding & Cutting

TruLaser Cell 7040

  • Modular multi-axis laser system
  • Welding and cutting
  • TruFlow laser adjustable up to 2000 Watts
  • 1 inch thickness cutting
  • 5-axis X, Y, Z, B, C
  • Max repeatability 0.001 inch
  • Dynamic cutting head
  • ControlLine, FocusLine, SprintLine

Working Range

X axis 4000 mm / 157”
Y axis 1500 mm / 59”
Z axis³ 750 mm/ 29.5”
B axis swivel range ± 120°
C axis rotation range n x 360°
Max. load capacity per table 2000 x 1500 800 kg

Workable Clamping Area

X direction 4000 (2x2000) mm / 157 (2x78”)
Y direction 1500 mm / 59”
Working height 750 mm / 29.5”
Working height with 2D cutting attachment 950 mm / 37.5”

Max. Material Thickness as a General Rule for Cutting

Steel 25.4mm / 1”
Stainless Steel 15.88mm / 5/8”
Aluminum 12.7mm / ½”

Max. Axes Speeds

Travel speed in space 150 m/min / 492ft./min
X direction 100 m/min / 328ft./min
Y and Z direction 80 m/min / 262ft./min
B axis / C axis 60 1/min

Max. Accelerations

X, Y and Z direction 8 m/s2 / 26ft/s2
B axis 200 rad/s² / 11,450°/s2
C axis 100 rad/s² / 5,720°/s2


Max. Repeatability

Smallest programmable increment 0.001 mm / 0.001° / .00004”/0.001°
Linear axes: X, Y, Z 0.03 mm /-.0012”
Rotation axes: B, C 0.005° / .005°

Max. Positioning Accuracy

Linear axes: X, Y, Z 0.08 mm / .003”
Rotation axes: B, 0.015° / .015°

Control and Laser

TRUMPF CNC CONTROL Basis: Siemens Sinumerik 840D
  Pendant control panel
Laser power TRUMPF CO2 laser 2000-12000 watts
Maximum cutting power 5000 watts

Reduced accuracy/dynamics with fully extended Z = 750 mm axis for cutting 2D parts. It is recommended to use the 2D cutting box to cut 2D parts. 

4 Pure mechanical accuracy without software compensation, according to VDI 3441 across the entire working range. The accuracy achievable on the work place depends, amongst other things, on the part geometry, it’s pre-treatment, material and on its position in the work area.

Certifications, Affiliations, and Accreditations (copy)

  • Superior Joining Technologies is a Woman-Owned Business.
  • FAA Repair Station OP Spec (3SJR972Y) Certified for Welding, Fluorescent Penetrant and Magnetic Particle Inspection.
  • UTC Aerospace Approved to AWS - Fusion Welding for Aerospace Applications.
  • Nadcap Accredited for Fluorescent Penetrant and Magnetic Particle Inspection (certificate), Fusion Welding, Laser Welding (certificate)
  • Woodward, Inc. Approved Supplier for NDT #3016777
  • FAA Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace Certified.
  • Access to Foreign Trade Zone.

ISO9001 AS 9100 Certified Nadcap Fabricators & Manufacturers Association American Welding Society Laser Institute of America

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