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Micro Welding

SJTI provides the welding service of Micro Welding (GTAW). This process can be used in multiple applications within Aerospace, Medical, Laboratory, & Commercial projects. With 25+ years of experience our team is capable of running prototypes to production quantities for your company. Micro Welding is a process of performing minute fusion welding operations on intricate assemblies with minimal heat input to the part. 

Microscopic TIG Welding

Micro WeldingPrecision Repairs

SJTI provides a welding service of repairing minute-detailed features on plastic injection and die-cast molds. We are using a Miller Maxstar 152 inverter welding power source with a modified 5240 Olympus stereo microscope. These key components are supported by a fully equipped welding lab dedicated to micro-weld repair. This enables our staff to perform intricate build-up operations that allow the customer to recover valuable time and expense. Micro WeldingRepairs of this type are typically a result of design modifications or machining error. Micro-weld deposits are readily machined to leave no evidence of the weld operation. We keep a full inventory of tool-steel filler materials in stock in a variety of sizes for a wide spectrum of applications.

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Laser Welding Microscopic Laser Welding

Microscopic laser welding projects a nanometer diameter beam of light to fuse different metals together. Any variety of materials including copper, steel, stainless steel, brass, silver, gold and platinum can be joined. Superior Joining Technologies, Inc. maintains the proprietary microscopic welding processes to deliver the best possible solution to the military and aerospace industry.

Due to the custom nature of microscopic welding, please Contact Us for a quote.

Microscopic Laser Welding Examples

Laser  Welding micro laser weld 04

Certifications, Affiliations, and Accreditations (copy)

  • Superior Joining Technologies is a Woman-Owned Business.
  • FAA Repair Station OP Spec (3SJR972Y) Certified for Welding, Fluorescent Penetrant and Magnetic Particle Inspection.
  • UTC Aerospace Approved to AWS - Fusion Welding for Aerospace Applications.
  • Nadcap Accredited for Fluorescent Penetrant and Magnetic Particle Inspection (certificate), Fusion Welding, Laser Welding (certificate)
  • Woodward, Inc. Approved Supplier for NDT #3016777
  • FAA Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace Certified.
  • Access to Foreign Trade Zone.

ISO9001 AS 9100 Certified Nadcap Fabricators & Manufacturers Association American Welding Society Laser Institute of America

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