Welding for NIU Motorspots Team's Shell ECO Challenge Car | Superior Joining Technologies

April 01, 2015 | by : Superior Joining Technologies, Inc.



Superior Joining Technologies, Inc. (SJTI) has been a sponsor for the Northern Illinois University (NIU) Supermileage team for years, offering welding services to better equip competition vehicles. The team competes in the Shell Eco-Marathon Americas event—an event that challenges high school and college students to design, build, and test energy-efficient vehicles. In 2015, the NIU team helped promote the event by recording a television commercial with Jay Leno at "Jay's Garage." 

In the commercial, Jay shows the Shell Eco-Marathon team around his museum-like garage, discussing the laughable miles per gallon of other cars in comparison to their Eco-Marathon car—boasting 1,359 miles per gallon!