SJTI Featured in FMA's 50th Anniversary Magazine | Superior Joining Technologies

SJTI-Badge-01-01As The FABRICATOR and the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association (FMA) celebrate their 50th anniversary, Superior Joining Technologies was proudly featured in their recent article pertaining to the metal fabrication and manufacturing industry. 

"Superior Joining began as a precision welding operation that also managed a network of subcontractors. Thom not only welded but also managed the quality inspection, documentation, and certifications as required by various aerospace and defense industry standards like Nadcap and SAE International. The nature of this work requires attention to detail, a creative mind, and, not least, a curiosity about how things are made and problems are solved."

"Metal fabrication’s relationship with technology is wide-ranging as well, and much of it hinges on how operations manage change. A new press brake with offline simulation and programming can create an incredibly extensive staged setup across the press brake bed, something that would have been impossible even for the most skilled setup person to create so quickly. So even if a shop has amazing press brake operators, it often makes sense to invest in new technology to stay competitive"  (Heston, 2020). 

To learn more about STJI and their featuring on the FABRICATOR magazine, click here to read the full article.