Morgan McCaw: A Rising Star at Superior Joining Technologies

December 15, 2023 | by : Superior Joining Technologies, Inc.

Morgan McCaw - Laser Welder 2,  Superior Joining Technologies, Inc., Machesney Park, IL

Headshot of Morgan McCaw

In just two years since she began working at Superior Joining Technologies in Machesney Park, IL, Morgan

McCaw has emerged as a standout talent, tackling every challenge with enthusiasm and leaving an indelible mark on the manufacturing industry.

Morgan has stepped into every challenge presented to her with enthusiasm. When she arrived at the company, she had welding experience, but was not certified to AWS D17.1. She practiced so she could pass that test, and then worked on additional projects to improve. Her workmanship is excellent. 

Morgan is willing to be trained, and to train others. She performs welds under NAPCAP and AWS Specifications programs, and communicates with the quoting department to estimated times for new jobs. She now also runs the laser marker, the CO2 laser, and was promoted to the laser welding area. Morgan also is currently learning 3D metal printing, and is taking CAD classes at night to grow in her understanding of the Industry.  

This last year Morgan has taken on a lot of extra responsibility, and is able to clearly communicate with customers and the shop floor. 

“She has shown real drive in her work and in learning,” her nominator says. “Morgan not only excels in her skills on a daily basis, she represents the highest level of industry performance.” 

Morgan McCaw herself reflects on her journey, stating, “I recommend a career in manufacturing to woman because the work never gets old. You constantly are growing and innovating. In my 4 short years in the manufacturing field I have been not only able to grow in gas-tungsten-arc welding, but also in metal 3D printing, laser welding, CAD and R&D . So many manufacturing companies love to see their employees grow and, therefore, are willing to assist with any educational funds.”

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